White River Lumber #001

The Unveiling
In Need Of Some Help
A Quick Tour
Points of Interest
Reconstruction Begins
Assembling The Center Sill
Preparing For The Bolsters
Adding the Couplers
Flipping The Center Sill
Adding The Bolsters
Adding The Side Sills
The Car End Sills
The Car Goes On The Trucks
Putting On The Brakes
The Floor
Corner and Cupola Posts
The Roof
Wall Framing
View The Interior
Door and Window Trim
The Exterior
The Unveiling
The Crew
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May, 2008 was a momentus month for the #001. It marked the completion of the major restoration of the caboose. Paint and lettering were added. The interior (minus electrical wiring) was completed. Doors and windows were installed. The new roofing was put in place. And an official unveiling took place. Quite a bit to try and fit into a single month.
After the official unveiling took place, a more subdued second unveiling occured. This involved moving the #001 outside for the first time. All involved were very optimistic that things would go well. And they did! After a few checks to make sure everything was as it should be, the #001 was taken for a test/break-in run.
Suprisingly, it is very smooth and stable while moving. And the view was second to none. All-in-all, it was a very promising maiden voyage. At the end of the runs, the #001 was placed in front of the Snoqualmie Depot for display.
When track space and parts become available, the #001 will return to the shop for more work. Things to finish include: interior and exterior electrical wiring, drip edge trim, brakes, lettering(currently only one side is lettered), smoke jack, and A-end brake staff and associated parts. 


Just minutes after moving outside for the first time.


#001 looking very nice outside. Lettering for this side is still needed.


The first test run is done and everything looks good.


On the way to the depot, a good spot was found for a photo shoot.


#001 in front of the Snoqualmie Depot with the other display items.


This was our most ambicious project to date. And it was well worth the effort.

All photos Copyright 2008 by Martin Nemerever.