White River Lumber #001

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Looking at B&W photos of the #001 seem to suggest that the railings, hand grabs, ladders, etc. were the same solor as the body. None of these parts had anything other than black(first coat) and white(second coat) paint on them. This suggested that these parts were either originally bare metal or most likely painted black. A color photo of WRLCo #002, the sister caboose, shows these parts as being black. So the decision was made to paint them black, though a satin black is being used.
One item has generated more comments due to its look than any other. The curved hand grab on the A-end right side is more angular than curved. A photo dating to 1946 shows this hand grab as it appears now. So it is fine as is and will not get 'fixed.'


The overall look is coming together with the addition of the exterior parts.


Only a few items remain to be added on the B-end at this point: An air line extention up to the railing level for a dump valve, a wood block and U bolt to hold it to the ladder, and a clamp to hold it to the end sill.


The reproduction uncoupling chain was based on photos. And the best thing is that it works!


The lettering stencils are being applied.


The stencils are in place, everything looks good.


Rich W. had the honor of hand painting the lettering. A few hand cramps and a nasty foot cramp didn't stop him from completing the task.


And here is the final result of Rich's effort.


The unique look of this hand grab has garnered many a comment.


All photos Copyright 2008 by Martin Nemerever.