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With the major carpentry work done, work shifted to paint and installation of exterior parts. After checking many different paint samples found on the original wood, a color was chosen that best represents the original. In all, three coats of paint were applied to the exterior. This was done to better protect the caboose and give a uniform finish.
With the paint applied, the exterior hardware was then installed. This includes the curved side hand grabs, the angled end hand grabs, the end railings, the ladders, and the associated brake gear. These are painted black as only black and white paint was fond on these parts. We know that the white was applied in the 1950's when the body was painted yellow. Most of the parts on the A-end are reproductions as the originals were removed by White River when the caboose was set on the ground. These replacement parts will be added as they are fabricated.


The trim areas and the ends of the cupola were first to receive red paint.


The first coat of paint is only minutes old in this picture.


The first coat is on. The uneven, blotchy look will disappear with the following two coats.


Any runs or sags in the first two coats were sanded out before the following coat was applied.


The third coat of paint is on. A nice uniform look has been achieved.


The corner lights and ladder have been added.


The ladder and brake staff are shown here. Some work was needed to straighten out the end railing.


The lower end of the brake staff in the support stirrup. A rounded notch was cut into the end sill to clear the brake staff.


The newly made A-end ladder. The ends will be twisted before it is installed.


The A-end ladder has been installed and the uncoupling chain put on.

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All photos Copyright 2008 by Martin Nemerever.