White River Lumber #001

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Due to a math error(by yours truely), not enough material was ordered to complete the whole roof. Roof material for the cupola was not included in the original count. This has led to new material being secured from a different source. It is the same size but will not fit with the other roof boards as the tongue and grove don't quite match. With the whole roof in place, the interior has become very dark and gloomy.
The roof supports a number of items, including running boards, roof hand grabs, and lights on each corner. All these parts will be test fit in place and all holes drilled into the roof before the canvas goes on. Primer or wood sealer will be applied to the roof before the canvas is installed. This will help protect against any water that may get through the canvas.


The B-end right side roof.


Copper flashing has been installed over the roof peak to help keep water out.


The lights on the roof corners are one of the distinctive features of the #001.


Here the B-end running boards, roof hand grabs, and lights are test fit in place.


The same process will be done on the A-end.


Heavy cotton canvas was used to cover the roof.


Here the canvas is being cut into a useable section.


The canvas is folded under along the outer edge and then tacked into place.


Looking along the cupola edge.


A simple fold and tuck is used at the corners.

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All photos Copyright 2008 by Martin Nemerever.