White River Lumber #001

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One original door remains. It has been cleaned up, repaired, and primered. As work on the siding progressed, the door was hung on the B-end, it's original location. The doors on either end were hand mortised for the hinges. Because of this, the hinge location varies slightly from one end to the other. The missing door will be made from scratch.
Once the siding is in place, trim will be installed around the doors and the windows. Letterboards follow the roof line along the sides and ends (body and cupola.) The cupola letterboards will be set in place after the lower roof is installed.


The door has been hung on the B-end.


Siding has been installed to the left of the B-end door.


The siding has been installed on the B-end. With the door in place, the B-end is now enclosed - at least on the sides.


Door hardware has been purchased and installed. A deadbolt will be added later to the hole above the knob.


A reproduction rimlock was found and purchased for the caboose. It matches the original dimansions fairly close. The lock and catch will be painted green, the knob will remain black.


The door interior will be medium green with dark green panels.


The letterboards for the cupola are being fitted up. These would be set aside so the body letterboards could be done first.


The first letterboard has been set in place.


The right side body letterboards have been set in place. The end letterboards will go on next.


The B-end letterboards in place. The A-end is similar. With the letterboards in place, the roof can be installed.


All photos Copyright 2008 by Martin Nemerever.