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The last area of framing to be completed was the upper cupola. The end window openings, the side window stops, and the various parts of the platforms were added. With the framing completed, the first paint in over 50 years was applied.
The caboose interior had three shades of green. The first paint was a dark green, which has been color matched for the new paint. A medium shade of green was applied at the time the cupola was rebuilt. That rebuild saw the cupola bench seats raised, and a secondary platform (made with the original seats) added. The electrical arrangement in the cupola was also changed. This is the era that the restoration is recreating. The last, light shade of green was added when two of the cupola windows received wipers.
With some minor work still to be done (B-end bench seat, one interior wall, and the installation of the cupola seats and secondary platforms) work will now shift to the siding and the roof.


The cupola end windows have two 2X4s used as headers.


The original window openings were narrower and taller, with only one 2X4 as a header. Shortly after the caboose was completed, the windows were rebuilt to the slightly shorter and wider configuration.


The lower part of the cupola window framing supports the window sill and is also the siding nailer. The notch allows the air line and electrical conduit to clear.


The A-end, left side window opening is similar to the B-end side. Note that the upper header board is notched, but not the lower. This is left over from the as built, narrow window. This picture also gives the first view of new paint.

More pictures will be added as work progresses.


All photos Copyright 2007 by Martin Nemerever.