White River Lumber #001

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The B-end of the caboose contains a table, two seats, and a bench. These are built into the wall frame. The table and seats just need a bit of cleaning and some repair before they get installed. The bench is long gone. The back rest mounts and two bench rails are still extant and will be used to help recreate the bench.
Three of the interior wall sections were saved intact. All three require varying amounts or work before they can be reinstalled. The fourth wall section was disassembled during demolition due to excessive water damage. This wall section will be pieced together using new and original parts.


The B-end, right side wall has been framed up. Note the lack of original pieces. This wall section had the most damage.


Here the table and both seats are in. This area is nicknamed "the office."


Looking at the back side of the wall section. The airline runs from the floor up to the guage and dump valve at the top of the cupola.


This is the cupola air line. It will eventually be covered by a box like structure.


Rich and Dale talking in the newly restored 'office.'


The A-end wall is nearly complete. The pieces on the platform floor need to be sanded before they are installed.


An overall side view showing work done to date. Another interior wall section (on the saw horses)  is being repaired.


Looking into the B-end of the caboose. Work is progressing at a steady pace.


The A-end, left side wall (LSA) has been framed in.


The A-end, right side (RSA) wall has been framed in.

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