White River Lumber #001

Wall Framing
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The wall framing is one area where original pieces are more available. Some pieces need to be repaired, some are ready to be reinstalled. The basic wall frame is mainly made up of 2X4 lumber(1 5/8" X 3 1/2".) It is nailed to either the posts or the floor. Some pieces that are too far gone to be reused in their original place may be trimmed to make missing pieces. New pieces are made of lumber planed to size by museum members.


The two original B-end door posts are being test fitted.


The B-end, right side wall has been installed..


The B-end, left side wall is about 80% complete. The seat is built into this section of wall.


A look at the B-end wall framing as it is installed.


Another look at the B-end wall framing.


The left side, B-end wall framing installation has begun. By coincidence, the building window in the picture is where the caboose windows will be.


The window opening has been framed up.


The first interior wall section is being readied for installation. It has been repaired and sanded.


The wall section has been put in place.


Looking into the B-end, the interior is starting to take shape.

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All photos Copyright 2007 by Martin Nemerever. Copying prohibited without permission.