White River Lumber #001

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The roof is made up of three basic structures: the carlines, the purlins, and the roof boards. Each end has five carlines, while the cupola has three. The carlines support the roof as well as tie the two sides together. The purlins tie the carlines together and also support the roof boards. The roof boards are tongue and groove and are nailed to the purlines.
The carlines provide the strength to the roof. They also give the roof it's pitch. Each carline is nailed to the side plates on either end. The carline next to the cupola is also nailed to the cupola post. Three notches in each carline allow the purlins to sit flush with the top surface.
The purlins are 2X3 stock that run the length of the roof. The purlins provide stability to the middle of the carlines and keep them square. The roof boards are nailed to these. Short spacers between the ends of the carlines provide a place to nail the ends of the roof boards.


The carlines are being preped for installation. Epoxy putty is being used to fill any defects.


The first carline has been installed on the B-end.


Two nails on each end of the carline hold it in place.


The carlines before the purlins have been added.


The B-end with the carlines installed.


The A-end carlines have been installed.


The cupola carlines have been installed, completing the carline installation.


Purlins have been added to the cupola carlines.


Spacers have been added in between the ends of the carlines. The central purlin has been installed, the others will be added later.


The purlins have been installed, completing the roof framing.

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