White River Lumber #001

Corner and Cupola Posts

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The body framework is made up of 4X6 corner posts, 4X4 cupola posts, 4X4 side plates, 4X4 door posts, and 2X4 wall studs. The four corner posts are mounted directly to the frame, as are the exterior cupola posts. The interior cupola posts, door posts and wall studs rest on the floor. The four corner posts, four exterior cupola posts and the side plates will be replacement pieces. Three of the four door posts and all four of the interior cupola posts will be originals. These need some repair for reuse, but are otherwise sound. Much of the original wall studs will be repaired and reused, the rest being replacements.
One of the interesting aspects of the cupola posts is that two were originally cut too short. Instead of using a new post, short sections were added at the top. They are held in place by the brackets that hold the side plates to the posts.
On the corner posts, the carriage bolts at the bottom for the L-bracket are on the outer surface of the post. The carriage bolts at the top have been notched into the post. It is not clear why this was done, but all four corner posts had this arrangement.


The first corner post has been mounted to the frame. Two carriage bolts attach the post to the L-bracket.


Here the L-bracket can be seen. The two hex-head bolts will be replaced with square headed bolts once they arrive.


A cupola post anchor is being test fit into a notch chisled into the frame.


The anchor in the notch as seen from the inside of the frame.


Looking at the anchor bolted to the frame and a cupola post.


A wall stud has been nailed to a cupola post. The stud will support a wall side plate.


One post with stud attached has been mounted to the frame. Dale C. helped steady the post while it was bolted on.


All four exterior cupola posts are in place, each with a wall stud nailed to it.


The first side plate has been installed. It is bolted to the corner post with the bracket and nailed to the cupola post.


Here is the bracket that holds the side plate to the corner post.

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