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One area of concern is the joint where the side plate butts up against the cupola post. The joint was originally held together with nails. We considered many ways to strengthen this joint so as to not be visible. In the end, we chose to use wood dowels to pin the side plate to the cupola post. Two holes were drilled from the top, then dowels were glued in. Simple but effective, this should help hold the joint more securely.
With the corner posts, cupola posts, and side plates in place, work can then move on. Wall framing, carlines and other framing will be added next. More original pieces will be used in the wall framing.
The carlines will be the next pieces added to the frame. These will both help square up the body as well as give the frame stability.


The end of the side plate rests on top of the wall stud nailed to the cupola post.


Looking down at the end of the side plate. The two nails can be seen outside of the two wood dowels. (This side plate was originally going to be used as a door post.)


With the side plates in place, the A-end is starting to take shape.


A carline was clamped on to help stabilize the walls.


This is one of the original filler pieces used to make the cupola post the correct height.


The first cupola side plate has been installed.


The second cupola side plate has been installed.


The first B-end side plate is in place.


The second B-end side plate has been installed.


The basic car body frame is done. It is starting to look like a caboose again.

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