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The floor boards were made by museum members. Raw lumber was plained to the correct thickness, then the tongue and grove added to the sides. This was one of the early projects done for the caboose restoration. After two plus years, the floor boards were finally set out on the caboose frame. Scrap lengths of wood were used to raise the floor boards off the frame to clear bolt heads and other obstructions. Notches will be cut into the bottom of the boards as needed when the flooring is nailed in place.
Much of the wall framing, the door posts and the interior cupola posts rest on top of the flooring. The flooring is fitted around the corner and exterior cupola posts.  The corner posts and exterior cupola posts will be mounted to the frame before the flooring is nailed down.


Here the floor boards have been laid out of the frame. Some of the boards have been slid out to allow work to be done on the cupola posts.


The end platform floor boards have been fit in place. After priming, they will be nailed to the frame.  (the large wood block and 4X4 are supporting the coupler from the side dump)


The end platform floor boards (4 A-end, 1 B-end) have been coated with a two part epoxy primer.


The floorboards have been reinstalled and will be nailed in place.


The first long board is being notched on the underside to clear the body end sill support plates.


This floor board is being notched to fit around the corner posts.


A close-up view of the floorboard notched to fit around the corner post. It has also been notched on the underside to fit over the corner post brace.


This view shows how the floorboards fit around the corner post. The nail pattern follows around the corner post brace.


The truck pin access plate has been inset into the floor. Four screws will hold it in place.


The floor has been completed on the A side.

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