White River Lumber #001

The Car End Sills
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The car end sills complete the frame. They support the end rails, ladders, brake wheels, and the steps.  A large notch was cut into each sill so it would fit over the frame. When we were happy with the fit, we then started shaping the ends. Each end was rounded by slowly sanding to the desired contour. A notch for the step riser was also cut into each end. Epoxy primer was applied to help weatherproof the sills.

Rich W. is cutting the frame notch into one of the car end sills.

The frame notch is done and bolt head clearance holes have been added.

The car end sill has been test fit. More work will be done to it before it is installed.

Shaping of the ends has begun. Here, excess wood has been cut off the end.

The end has been sanded down to a nice round contour. The step riser notch has also been cut.

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