White River Lumber #001

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The Car Goes On The Trucks
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Once the trucks were completed, it was an easy task to roll them under the frame. One end at a time was lifted up and a truck rolled under. Everything fit like it was supposed to. The frame has been switched around the depot area a few times. It rolls nicely and does not shift side-to-side thanks to the custom made body bearings. The next step is to add the brakes and air lines.
A short side note: As originally rebuilt, the bolster sat too high on the truck due to the original springs. These were designed for a much heavier body and did not flex when the frame was put on. New springs were custom made and installed. The new springs allow the bolster to sit at the correct height.

Click here to see the rebuilding of the trucks.

The completed truck...almost. The bolster sits too high. New springs are needed.

One of the custom made springs.

Dickey H. is getting the bolster ready to be put in place.

The truck is being rolled into place under the frame. The bolster now sits at the correct height.

And here it is...the frame rests on the trucks!

All photos Copyright 2003 by Martin Nemerever. Copying prohibited without permission.