White River Lumber #001

The Crew
In Need Of Some Help
A Quick Tour
Points of Interest
Reconstruction Begins
Assembling The Center Sill
Preparing For The Bolsters
Adding the Couplers
Flipping The Center Sill
Adding The Bolsters
Adding The Side Sills
The Car End Sills
The Car Goes On The Trucks
Putting On The Brakes
The Floor
Corner and Cupola Posts
The Roof
Wall Framing
View The Interior
Door and Window Trim
The Exterior
The Unveiling
The Crew
Contact Me

The following are those that have put time into the restoration of the #001. Without their time and effort, this project would not be happening.

Rich W.

Rich Wilkens
Rich is the project manager and primary reasercher for the #001. He is a long time member of the museum. His knowledge and skills have greatly helped this project move forward. Most of the frame materials have been donated by Rich.

Dickey H.

Dickey Huntamer
Dickey is another long time member of the museum. He has worked hard to measure and draw just about every peice of the #001. He has an ever growing CAD drawing collection of this project. He has also been getting some of the work on video.

Martin N.

Martin Nemerever
A recent addition to the museum, having started volunteering in August of 2001. He was a  member of the San Diego Railroad Museum for many years. A number of small projects have been completed with his week day work sessions. Many photos of the work being done have been taken by Martin.

Dale C.

Dale Campbell
Dale is another long time museum member. He splits his time doing many things around the museum:working on this project, helping with the cosmetic restoration of U.S.Plywood 2-6-6-2 #11, museum board member, mower of the lawn and acting as the museum's master cook.

Richard Anderson
Richard A.
Northwest Railway Museum Executive Director

Brian Fritz
Brian F.
IN MEMORIUM: 1959-2007

The following have also contributed to this project:
Dan Calhoun
Brandon Crews
George Houle
Ray McLeese Jr.
Patrick Wines
Michael Ledingham
John Heider
Thom Wunder
Ian ?
A special thanks goes out to the speeder owners who helped to move the center sill beams into the work area.
If I've left you out, let me know so I can get your name on here!

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