White River Lumber #001

The Intermediate Sills
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Putting On The Brakes
The Floor
Corner and Cupola Posts
The Roof
Wall Framing
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Door and Window Trim
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The Unveiling
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The two intermediate sills are the only original frame members to survive. A bit of work was done on a couple of rotted spots, but they were mostly intact. These sills hold the inner brake beams. Only one bolt ties these sills to the floor. Spacer blocks are used to hold them in place. These are original pieces as well.


This is the left side intermediate sill. Notice how the sill was notched to fit around the bolster. This also shows the modification to the bolster. The cut piece should connect to the other side.


This is the right side intermediate sill. The bolster was cut shorter on this side, so the sill just rest in place.

Photo courtesy of Dickey Huntamer.

The large oil stain on the intermediate sill is from the generator that was originally on the caboose. The holes are where the brake beam hanger brackets attach to the sill.

Adding The Bolsters

All photos Copyright 2003 by Martin Nemerever except as noted. Copying prohibited without permission.