White River Lumber #001

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The ends of the center sill are sandwiched by steel pieces. There are two upper and two lower pieces. The upper two consist of a Z shaped piece that is partially  covered by the second,  a flat piece. The car end sill will cover the flat piece. The larger lower piece supports the coupler and car end sill. A smaller piece is located in back of the first and bridges the gap between the two outer sill beams. The couplers were made by Sharon. They were disassembled so that years of grease and dirt could be removed from the inside. They were also cleaned and wire wheeled on the outside. The couplers mount from the underside. It is easier to drop them into place and flip the center sill than to lift them in.


Four holes were drilled into the ends of each outer sill beam. These are for the steel that sandwiches the sill on either end. The paint is to add a bit of protection against water under the steel pieces.


The steel pieces have been test fit into place. They will be permanently attached after the couplers are installed.


An overview of the center sill with the bolsters and steel end pieces test fit in place.


Here is one of the couplers, ready to be installed. Four pillow blocks, two large outer springs, and two small inner springs comprise the draft gear. Two broken springs and four badly worn pillow blocks were replaced to ensure a safe and reliable draft gear assembly.

Photo courtesy Dickey Huntamer.

Rich is standing next to the newly installed coupler. After everything is bolted in place, the center sill will be ready to be flipped over.


The couplers have been installed and the frame flipped right side up. The steel pieces have been bolted in place. Later, the knuckle and inner works will be reinstalled on the coupler.

All photos Copyright 2003 by Martin Nemerever except those otherwise noted. Copying prohibited without permission.