U. S. Plywood #11

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The front of the locomotive was one of the first areas to see any work done.  First, all the parts that had been set on the front were removed, including the smokebox front and sandbox. The smokebox front was set back in place and painted silver, a color it never wore.  After a little experimenting, a good graphite color was mixed and the front was given a thorough cleaning and painting.  Silver and black were added to those areas that had those colors originally.  A new footboard was made up and installed.  Some further cleaning and touch up gave us a fairly complete restoration of the front. More work needs to be done once mechanical restoration begins, but for now the look is fine.

The front of the locomotive shortly after
restoration began. Dan Calhoun photo.


One last look at the old, weary looking front end.
Dan Calhoun photo.

Looking at the profile of the newly restored
front end. Dan Calhoun photo.

The old footboard has been removed.
Dan Calhoun photo.

The new footboard being test fitted.
Dan Calhoun photo.

Compare this to the picture at the left. Nice,
fresh looking front end. Dan Calhoun photo.


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