U. S. Plywood #11

Cab Interior Restoration

A History
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Years of use followed by years of disuse had taken it's toll on the cab interior. The paint was peeling, there was rust and smoke residue covered most places. The ceiling was showing it's age as well: warped, broken and water damaged. Visitors were quite happy to look into the cab, but it was not a pretty sight. Work was started in the cab; to make it more presentable and to have one less area to restore when the locomtive is put back into service.
The cab floor was cleared of all the debris and other items scattered around on it. Then the tool box  and seat boxes were removed for later restoration. The old ceiling was removed, reveiling the fact that this was not the original ceiling. The roof was cleaned and primered, then new wood ribs were installed to support the new ceiling. New poplar ceiling boards were milled, primered, and installed. Once all the boards were in place, the ceiling was painted.
The ceiling has two gutters, one on each side. These were cleaned up and reinstalled. These were also painted. The electrical conduit running across the ceiling was left in place and the new ceiling installed around it. The conduit was also cleaned and painted. Other work to the ceiling included rehanging the whistle handle and turret valve handle control panel.

The freshly painted fireman's side of the cab,
minus windows and doors.

The cab with windows and doors installed.


A look at the old ceiling, with peeling paint .

The new ceiling in place. The metal gutter has
been cleaned up and reinstalled.


The firing controls and steam valve manifold.

The train brake and power reverse lever.

The cab front and rear windows and doors in the
process of being painted.

A view of the windows from inside the cab. Rich W.
can be seen working on the rear window.



The new ceiling being installed.

The completed ceiling, with freshly painted gutter
Some work is still to be done with the conduit,


The turret valve handles and control panel.

The power reverse, pressure regulators and
Independant air brake base

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