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Kosmos Timber Co. #11


In this view we see #11 in the summer of 1951. Though not easily readable, it is lettered 'KOSMOS TIMBER CO.' on the side tanks and tender. While it still wears it's Baldwin number plate on the smokebox, the number has been removed.  J.D.Siegwarth photograph.


U.S.Plywood Corp. #11


Another view of the #11 at the Kosmos engine house. The lettering on the side tanks is easier to read. The locomotive still has the spark arrestor that it wore at Klamath Falls, Ore. Sister engine #10, a 2-6-6-2T, can be seen in front of the #11.  J.D. Siegwarth photo.



#11 is seen with a string of Milwaukee Raod flatcars at either Kosmos or the interchange near Morton.  Photographer unknown, courtesy of Marc Reusser.


By 1959, the #11 had received a more ornate paint job-with black painted smokebox, aluminum painted smokebox door, black pilot, stripped wheels, etc. It is doubtful the engine ever operated at Kosmos again.  Cecil Whiteside photograph, Pete Replinger collection.



What has to be the most photographed side, the fireman's side of U.S.Plywood #11 at the Kosmos engine house. This was the sunny side whenever railfans visited the operation. Ken Schmelzer photograph.


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