U. S. Plywood #11

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Photo captions provided by R. Wilkens, edited by M. Nemerever.

Ostrander Railway & Timber Co. #7


In this view, probably from the early 1930's, we see #7 switching the sawmill at Ostrander, Wa.  Washington State Archives Collection.


Weyerhauser Timber Co. #5


In this photo from 1939, we see Ostrander #7 at Portland, Ore. on it's way to Klamath Falls. By the next year, the side tanks would be cut down and a tank car tender added.  Doug Richter photograph.



#5 crossing a trestle near Camp 3, Ore. on the west block line. Notice that is has the early style tender with 'WEYERHAUSER TIMBER COMPANY' across the side of the tank.  Richard Jameson photo, Jack Bowden collection.



In this close-up of the previous photo, note that the tender has been rebuilt: a new upper platform, side letterboards, and the rear headlight moved off center to the engineer's side.  Weyerhauser Co. photo.



With a string of pine logs in tow, #5 is heading for the log dump at the mill.  Weyerhauser Co. photo.


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