U. S. Plywood #11

Restoration of the Tender

A History
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A Tender Beginning

The tender was the focus of the early restoration efforts. It was felt that it would be the easiest(without a shop building) and most visually impacting area to begin. Many layers of paint had to be removed to get down to the metal surface. Needle guns and wire wheels were the most effective tools to accomplish this. Once the paint was removed, original lettering was discovered. This lettering was photographed and documented so further research could be done in the future.

The tender is looking a bit rough.
Dan Calhoun photo.

This is the tender as it appeared before restoration began.

Paint has been removed from the top of the tank.
Dan Calhoun photo.

Work started on the top on the tender. Some of the original silver paint is visable.

Power washing cleaned off dirt and some old paint.
Dan Calhoun photo.

The running boards, letter boards, and much of the exterior piping was removed. The tender was then pressure washed to ready it for paint removal.

The end sill has been removed for replacement.
Dan Calhoun photo.

The rear sill was badly damaged, so it was removed. A replacement was fabricated using the original as a pattern. In the future the rear draft gear will be removed to fix some damage to the center sill.

Freshly painted black, silver will be added next.
Dan Calhoun photo.

Once the old paint was removed, a heavy zinc primer was applied. A gallon of the zinc primer used weighs close to 35 pounds! A good coat of black paint was then applied.

Silver paint has been added to the end and rails.
Dan Calhoun photo.

The end has been painted silver as have the ladders on the sides. The read sill has been painted black. The upper hand rails still need to be stripped and painted.

The new end sill has been installed.
Dan Calhoun photo.

Here you can see the new end sill (in red oxide primer) in place. the end of the tender will be painted silver. New running boards have been installed top and bottom. The lower rear running board has yet to be installed.

A new tool box has been built for the tender.
Dan Calhoun photo.

A new tool box was built using old photographs as a guide. This was used to hold various fire fighting tools.

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All photos this page Copyright 2003-04 by Dan Calhoun. Used here with permission.