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Restoration Begins

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Restoration Begins

Having last operated in 1990, #11 was physically in good shape. Years of sitting outside in the Pacific Northwest weather had taken it's toll on the appearance. It has long been the museum's goal to restore #11 to operating condition again. Though actual mechanical restoration is still a few years away, it was decided that #11 should receive a cosmetic restoration. This would make the engine presentable once again, and facilitate rebuilding down the road. In the summer of 2002, preperations began to bring the #11 to the Snoqualmie depot so restoration could start.

#11 is ready to move after many years in storage.
Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.

#11 is on the main for the first time in years.
Photo courtesy Dan Calhoun.

Once the #11 was at the depot, some general cleaning up was performed. Many large parts were stored on and in the #11. These were removed and set aside for cleaning and restoration. The front platform was the first and most visible area to be cleaned. The front end sand box was resting on top of the smoke box front. The fire brick form the firebox was on top of the oil bunker. The brick was palletized and put into storage. Other items were removed and stored. A pressure washer was used to clean off the moss that had grown all over the locomotive. Though still looking rough, the #11 was in better shape.

The front sand box comes off.
Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.

#11 moves slowly off the storage track.
Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.

#11 at the Snoqualmie depot.
Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.


Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.

The smokebox front came off next.
Photo courtesy of Dan Calhoun.

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