U. S. Plywood #11


A History
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Builder Information

Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works

Built: 11/26

Builder #: 59701

Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2T (as built)/ 2-6-6-2T+T(as rebuilt)

Fuel: Oil

Working Steam Pressure: 185 psi

Weight: 104 Tons

Length: 79' (approx.)

Top Speed: 40 mph (estimated)


Ownership History
Owner                                                Year            Location
Ostrander Railway and Timber Co.        1926-39       Ostrander, WA  
Weyerhauser Timber Co. #5                 1939-50       Klamath Falls, OR
M. Bloch & Co. (dealer)                        1950            Seattle, WA
Kosmos Timber Co. #11                       1950-53       Kosmos, WA
U.S. Plywood Corp. #11                       1953-61        Kosmos, WA
University of Washington (display)       1961-72        Seattle, WA
Transfered to Washington State Parks  1972
Northwest Railway Museum (leased)    1972-Present   Snoqualmie, WA

Information on this page provided by Rich Wilkens and is used with his permission.