U. S. Plywood #11

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Welcome to the U.S.Plywood #11 restoration pages. My goal is to chronicle the restoration of this locomotive. This will be a long term project as it will be a few years before the #11 sees steam again. To start, the cosmetic restoration will be shown. When the mechanical restoration begins, more pictures and information will be added.

The first phase of the restoration is a general clean-up and repainting og the locomotive's exterior. Many hours of needle gunning, wire wheeling, scrapping, and cleaning have been put into this phase. Years of dirt, grease, oil, and old paint have been removed. Once an area is clean, it is primered and painted. Photos of the #11 from the 1950s are being used as restoration guides. Lettering, numbering and stripping have been added based on these old photographs. Even the placement of pipe fittings and appliances are based on the photos.


What's New?

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07 FEB 05 - Photos added to Photo page.

More restoration photos coming soon.