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White River Lumber logging caboose #001 was built in 1945. It is mostly of wood constuction, with 4 short steel I-beams in its wooden frame. Built at the end of WWII, it was built using components available to the White River's car shop. It is basically a shortened skeleton log car with a body added to it. First used on log trains, in the 1950s it was used on the short run to the interchange. In the 1960s the caboose was taken off its trucks and turned into a shed. These pictures were taken before and during dismantling of the body and frame.

White River Lumber Caboose #001

White River Lumber #001 at the start of restoration. It's rough state is apparent.

A view of the break in the side sill. This is the corner where the stove once sat.

Not much is left of the end platforms. This is the most intact corner.

This damage is typical of the sills and framing.

An old Timken crate was used to create a shelf in the closet.

A view of the cupola platform. The seat was raised at some point, requiring a higher deck.

The electircal panel. Two knife switches controlled interior and exterior lighting.

White River Lumber Caboose #001

Looking at the A-end, notice the tilt. This is due to the ill fit of the bolster center castings.

A date plate was added to the side, presumeably for paint dates.

The letters US were stamped into the end of one side sill.

There should be an end platform here. But it is long gone, leaving the coupler exposed.

A view of the air gauge panel in the cupola.

The little bench seat in the A-end next to the closet and across from the stove.

Artifacts found in the caboose-a pocket calender, union application card, peg and duck stamp.

All photos Copyright 2003 by Martin Nemerever. Duplication prohibited without permission.