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After the brakes were installed, work moved to the deck. The lumber for the deck was reclaimed from some old letter boards off of U.S.Plywood #11. They boards were planned to the required thickness, then run through a shaper to give them the tongue and groove profile. The deck boards were then primered all around and painted on three sides. One board would need to be cut down in width and two cut down in length. The deck was fitted up on the frame. Once we were satisfied with the fit, the three boards were trimmed. The last side was painted then the deck was installed on the frame. Steel angle runs around the edges of the deck. This is where the deck is bolted to the frame, allowing the frame to 'float.' The seams were caulked as the deck was assembled to reduce water penetration between the boards, to increase deck life.

The freshly milled deck boards, ready for primer and paint.

Here the deck boards are being test fit on the frame. The long peices in the middle will be trimmed.

Dickey H. is caulking the tongue of each board as it is installed.

Looking down on the deck. The excess caulking will be removed after it dries.

The deck has been bolted onto the frame

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