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The truck bolsters were the last major assemblies to be added to the trucks. These large beams transfer the weight of the body to the the truck frame. An original bolster was still available to use as a pattern. Following the original, bolts were counter sunk cross wise to help stabilize the wood. A notch was made on the bottom or each end to attach the spring seats. A large hole was drilled down through the middle to clear the body pin. The pin goes through the frame and through the truck bolster to keep the trucks attached to the frame. New center plates were made to fit the Milwaukee Road made body bolsters. These were bolted together then welded. They work quite well. Two bolster bearing blocks werre also welded up. These keep the car from tipping to one side or the other. Four rub plates, two to each side, were added to match those on the truck. The completed bolsters weigh about 200lbs. each and had to be carried by hand from the shop(inside) to the trucks(outside.)

The bolsters have been shaped and primered.

A new bolster center plate. It was custom made to fit the existing car body bolster.

The center plate is being fitted to the bolster.

The bolster has been painted and the spring keepers have been mounted.

The center plate and bolster bearing blocks are being bolted onto the bolster.

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