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Recent Restorations at Snoqualmie

The plumbing had been removed in two sections. Both sections were cleaned, inside and out. The upper section was primered and painted in areas that would be hard to reach after being installed. The lower section was primered and painted on the upper area and painted with synthetic tar on the lower area. A small hole was found in the lower section. It was repaired by museum member Earl Wildes. Reassembly of the plumbing went without any problems. Once back in place, all areas still in primer were painted. The last trim board was also installed and painted.
With the plumbing in place and the tank trim boards installed, the tank tie down straps were added. These had been cleaned, primered and painted before hand. Two new under car straps were made, primered and painted. Touch up painting was done where needed. A new journal box cover was fabricated and installed. Work then turned to the tool box.

The exisiting plumbing was cleaned, primered and painted before being reinstalled.

The plumbing has been reinstalled on the fire car.

Looking at the drain through the frame.

Touch up painting has been done to the newly installed plumbing.

The hold down straps have been installed. A new journal box cover will be made and installed.

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