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Recent Restorations at Snoqualmie

The three deck cross beams were cut to length, sanded and drilled. Black stain was applied to the bottom and sides, with the top getting black paint. The beams were installed onto the frame, again using some original and some replacement hardware. While working on the deck boards, it was discovered that the cross beams were painted red. It was decided to paint the sides of the cross beams red and leave the bottom and most of the top black. The bolt holes in the tops of the cross beams were filled with caulking to keep water from getting in the hole after the deck is attached.
The deck boards were cut to size, primered, and painted on the bottom and sides. After painting the cross-beams red, the deck boards were added. Spacers were used to create a gap between each deck board. After the deck was nailed on, the top was given a coat of red paint. A second coat of red paint will be applied after the tank has be set back on the deck.

The cross beams have been installed.

The deck boards have been cut to length and test fit on the frame.

Five of the eight deck boards, with the primer drying. The other three are drying else where.

New information meant new paint for the cross beams. Here Rich W. is tightening bolts.

The deck boards are being nailed in place. Some spacers can be seen on the near end.

The completed deck, with a fresh coat of paint. This red almost perfectly matches the original paint

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